Meet d'Layne
What’s in a name? name is spelled crazy like that! I’ve always loved having a different name because it allows me to embrace being uniquely distinctive, creative, and a little weird. It’s fun!

I’m passionate about making fabulous portraits that reflect the unique characteristics and interests of my clients. Capturing personality is what distinctively d'Layne photography is all about. You might find me knee deep in freezing water or on the bottom of a swimming pool just to capture a great image. I do what it takes to make the perfect portrait of you!
I studied photography at Stanford University “just for fun” while earning a Bachelor’s in Health and Developmental Psychology and Master’s in Education. Little did I know then, that this passion would develop into a full blown business as a portrait artist.
Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth provides amazing opportunities for gorgeous backgrounds and colors as well as wonderful outdoor activities. It's not uncommon that I'll look outside and say,"Wow, look at the light, let's go out and do a photoshoot!" Besides heading out with a camera, I’m an avid downhill skier, Irish step dancer, and volunteer at my 3 daughters' schools and children’s ministry at St. John’s church.
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