The 4-1-1 on your session...
What to bring:
  • several changes of clothes
  • your iPod or favorite CD
  • props
  • hair brush
  • a friend! (We offer 10% discount if you have your sessions together and it's a whole lot more fun!)
Clothing: You may change as often as you like within your session time. Bring a mix of casual, classy, and trendy clothes that make you feel amazing. Solid colors work very well; choose colors that compliment your skin tone and/or eyes and avoid shirts with writing. Girls: consider a sun and/or prom dress. Guys: bring your letterman or favorite jacket.

Changing: It is easier to change quickly on location if you choose shirts that can use the same undershirt. Guys: wear a white T-shirt or A-shirt as an undershirt. Girls: consider a white cami to wear under your selections.

Shoes: Bring only shoes that you love. They will show in full-length portraits. We will also photograph you barefoot. A pair of flip-flops or Crocs are handy for walking around between poses!

Props: Consider bringing your letterman jacket, instrument, sports equipment, sunglasses, etc.

Make Up: Focus attention on your eyes as they are the focus of every portrait. Remember to bring your lipstick for touch-up. Go for a smooth natural color that is not too shiny. On select dates, we will have a make-up artist on hand to give you a make-over and multiple looks for your portraits.

Accessories: Pay attention to your jewelry. Girls may want to bring changes in earrings and necklaces to go with different outfit selections.

Nails: Avoid nails with chipped paint or fake nails that are in need of a rebase. Natural nails are a better alternative if this is the case.

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